Melanie Dean

Tough Questions Answered

Throughout my journey, I have had help along the way. I have tapped into a community of “power” practitioners. I hope you will join our community and our conversation as we create an ever-expanding environment for living a powerful life.

First and foremost, I am a scientist. I have a BS in Human Biology and an MS and PhD in Psychology. Throughout my training and practice, I focused on how to conduct and evaluate scientific research. As a psychologist, I have spent my career helping people work with their thoughts and feelings to achieve their own personal goals. As a spiritual person, I am dedicated to mastering my ability to be quiet, listening and connecting to guidance the universe has to offer. I continually hone those practices through my involvement with Unity, being on the Board of Unity World Headquarters, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, such as spending three days in intensive training with the Dalai Lama.

When I first read about how energy particles are part of everything in the universe and how they connect us together, I became entranced with learning how that all works. Ten years ago, I sold my medical publishing business for exactly the amount I had meditating on for four years, despite a long-list of set-backs, doubts, and false starts. How did that happen? It happened because no matter what, I stayed true to the way I thought and felt about what I wanted to happen.

On this journey, I have also navigated through my own tough times — family struggles, tragic illness and death of my youngest brother, business setbacks and failures. When I began to really think about these more difficult challenges in my life and the lives of those around me, I naturally wanted to know if there was any scientific “proof” for why these traumatic things had happened. Why wasn’t our energy to keep them from happening working? This took me even further on my quest to study everything possible in the fields of neurobiology, neurophysiology, molecular biology, and neurochemistry, as well as in particle, molecular, theoretical, and quantum physics. I needed to know how this power works!

Ten years and hundreds of books and research articles later, I now know that my journey is to share what I have learned about how power and energy works and also about navigating life’s tough times to come out closer to where we really want to be. I want to help people use their power in their own lives.

 We want to know WHY things happen, HOW they happen, and most of all – WHAT we can do to make powerful changes in our lives and our world. We have beliefs, we have hunches. AND, we have some scientific answers.

About Melanie Dean, PhD

How This has
affected me

• I made it happen in my own life.
• I learned what happens when things aren’t working.
• I committed myself to good science, so I could share the
   hard-to-find but credible research that supports these
• I developed techniques for each of us to use for getting
   our energy back on track for more positive outcomes.

And now, it’s your turn.

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