Melanie Dean

What The Physics of Success Offers

Just like energy particles connect and come full-circle back to us, sharing our stories is a way to circle back our individual energy to one another. Be part of the ongoing conversation; share your stories and questions that may get included in The Physics of Success. Together, we are creating an ever-expanding environment for living a powerful life.

COMING in 2018

Do you ever wonder why things turn out the way they do? Have you questioned whether there is a science behind all outcomes, good or bad? Have you pondered whether it’s all just luck? After I sold my medical publishing business for the exact amount of money I had been meditating on for four years, I wondered how I did that and I set out to discover the truth.

This book is the result of 10 years of my research in the science of how our power works. I learned that I can repeat my success again, and I will teach you how you too can turn your dreams into reality. Read The Physics of Success, and learn how your feelings activate particles of energy within you, connect up outside of you, and bring you all the desires of your heart.

The Physics of Success:
Maximizing your personal power to achieve your dreams
By Melanie Dean, PhD

Your Stories

Many books now help you focus on how to get what you want, complete with great advice on what to do to make your dreams reality. The Physics of Success offers more – not just an understanding of WHAT to do, but details on HOW and WHY it works.

You will learn:

  • How your energy works and how to bring energy to what you want
  • What science tells us about how powerful we really are and how scientists know the power of our thoughts and feelings
  • How to pinpoint and target your thoughts and feelings to set the right particles into motion to achieve your dreams
  • How to foster awareness and use your awareness to purposely choose where to direct your energy
  • A process for self-awareness and self-mastery that really works